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Posted by lacied on October 6, 2008

Come summertime, most students at GSU are comfortably settled in their places of living, taking summer classes, taking it easy, or venturing off to other places, not worried about moving for fall semester. It isn’t until about the last few weeks of July that those carefree summer days come to a sudden halt. It is all of a sudden time to move out, but then what? Thus the scramble begins.

Many students living in rented housing or apartments are forced to move out of their “homes” before they are able to move into a new place, and left homeless for the rest of the summer. This situation occurs every summer and affects a majority of the students living in Statesboro.

Although many people who can’t move into their new places are able to sleep on the couch at a friend’s house, go home or go on vacation for a few weeks, there is still a lot of stuff to put in storage, or lug around while waiting for August and the highly anticipated move in dates to arrive.

This leaves students thinking… “What in the world can I do with a bed, bedroom furniture, couches, televisions, computers and all my junk for that long?” It won’t all fit in a suitcase, and it can’t squeeze into one car.

The most popular choice for solving the “stuff” issue is renting a U-Haul truck, a POD or any other storage unit to house belongings while in limbo. This can be expensive, especially for students who support themselves on a tight budget.

” I have lived in the same house for three years now, not only will I be sad when I have to move out in July, but I have no place to move into right away” Ashley Brown a student at GSU said, and she is not alone.

A majority of students facing this dilemma have nowhere to turn once they are booted out of the house or apartment they adored for a year or more, and storing their stuff is only one of their

Bohemians pass their summer days reading the 11th Hour

worries. They have no place to stay at all until they can move into their new lease.

This leaves them with only one choice… Bohemia

Bohemia is difficult to define; generally participants (bohemians) include writers, artists, students and youth, who voluntarily live as vagrants and all contribute to the feelings and ideas of bohemian lifestyle. Bohemians live a life free from conventional rules and social norms and obligations.

“I literally have nowhere to live from July 25th until August 4th, all of my friends will be homeless by then too!” said Bekah Ploener, a senior at GSU. “The idea of becoming Bohemians for a few weeks sounds fun and adventurous, but seriously it may be my only choice” she said.

In years past Ploener experienced difficulties during the moving process in Julyand August, so this year she wants to be very careful not to move out late or in too early.

“In 2006, one of my roommates was already living in the apartment to I went ahead and moved some of my stuff into my room, when I came back one afternoon it was all gone” Ploener said.

The cleaning crew at the apartment complex had cleaned out her apartment

and thrown away thousands of dollars worth of her things including brand new equestrian clothing. She was later reimbursed for the miscommunications with a $200 check.

“That check was hardly enough to cover the losses I had to get all new clothes, shoes and linens, everything. My parents were outraged that my new riding boots were gone, I hadn’t even worn them yet” said Ploener.

These policies were not created to put students on the street during the hottest weeks of the summer. Students are valued assets to the rental businesses of this college town. There are legitimate reasons for the early move out dates. After students move out, their rooms must be cleaned and damages must be assessed and accounted for before new tenants can move in. This process currently takes a few weeks to complete; the argument is that it shouldn’t take more than a few days. Some places are more flexible than others in their moving policies but the majority of students left homeless are also left with no where for them or their stuff to go.

The Bohemian lifestyle is always something to contemplate. Living on the streets in Statesboro with all of your belongings at your feet and no guaranteed place to shower or use the restroom can’t be too bad. There is no rent to pay, and no one to tell you when to move out. Forget renting a U-Haul truck for two weeks, you don’t need a POD, and your friend who said you could store all your stuff at their place probably will have second thoughts. Until students can come together and get something done about the inconvenient move in/move out policies there’s only one thing to do…”Viva La Vie Boheme!”

July, 2008


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