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Hall of Foam

Posted by lacied on October 6, 2008

There’s a new club in town, and just about everyone is joining it. You may not want to put this one your resume, but looking into it is definitely worth your time.

The Jaman Caribbean Café’s Beer Club is the hot new craze in Statesboro this summer. Since it started in May, over 500 people have joined in on the fun, and broadened their beer drinking horizons.

“It’s like being in a fraternity, only better!” said Beer Club member and GSU student Remington Steele; he joined the club in May when he saw a table near him with membership cards.

Remington and several of his friends meet at Jaman for “Beer Club Meetings” in which they discuss the various beers they have had and work on checking beers off their lists.

“Once my friends told me about the ‘Club’, I joined the next day. It’s the best thing ever! We all go at least once a week now, it’s a great summer tradition” said Kevin Prisant, another member to the Jaman Beer Club.

Membership is free, just ask your waitress and she will hook you up. Every member has their own oversized index card with 99 different high-quality beers listed on it. All you have to do is put your name on top of the card and get signed off for every beer on the list you try. Once you have tried them all, you’ll “Get Your Name on the Wall at Jaman!” as a member of the “Hall of Foam”.

While at Jaman, it was obvious who was in the club, at nearly half of the tables were people with their cards searching through menus and discussing what beer to try.

“I used to only drink ‘Natty Light’, and my older brothers would give me a hard time about not knowing anything about imported beers. Now I know thanks to the club” said Paul Groeninger, a recent GSU graduate. “If you come during happy hour you can try some pretty nice beer, and they’re all reasonably priced” he said.

Not a beer drinker? You might be and just not know it. The list has everything from light lagers to stouts, and the menu is full of information in case you’re a beginner to beer and need some help getting started. The wait staff is also very knowledgeable on the entire menu and is always helpful in making recommendations.

“It’s not just about who can drink the most beer; the idea of the club is to educate people on all the different kinds of good quality beer. People should enjoy their experience when they have a beer, not just drink it to get drunk” said the owner of Jaman, Chef Steven Minton, most people fondly call him “Chef”.

He came up with the idea to form the beer club in Statesboro after it was a hit at is Caribbean Café in North Carolina. It did so well in fact, that he became known for his beer list, no one else served the selection he offered.

“I was surprised that no one else in Statesboro served a wide selection of imports or microbrews” Chef said, the Beer Club helps to introduce those beer to people who usually only drink domestics.

His fame in North Carolina didn’t just come from the beer list his restaurant served; it also came from his knowledge about the beers, and his ability to pair them with food on the menu.

“Beer is bread, with more water” said Chef. “Just like you eat bread with most meals, you can have a beer”. He has taught seminars and other chef about pairing beer and food, and says it goes with anything, unlike wine. He is renowned in the industry for his skill in ‘pairing’, and hopes that the “Beer Club” members will take advantage of his knowledge.

On the Jaman beer menu you will find a detailed listing of each available brew, along with the alcohol content, description of flavor, where it is from and what meal it can be paired with, making membership in the beer club a little easier on beginners.

So what are you waiting for, go join the Jaman Beer Club, everyone’s doing it.






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One Response to “Hall of Foam”

  1. Dwight said

    What a great club! If you’re ever in NYC, check out to find great craft beers and great beer bars and great beer events.

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