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Lacie D.

I am a senior public relations major with a minor in marketing that graduates this December 12, 2008 from Georgia Southern University. I am involved in campus organizations such as P.R.estige, Tau Sigma, PRSSA,
and I am a freelance writer for the 11th Hour.

I am an active volunteer in the community, and my spare time I enjoy running with my golden retriever Goose, traveling, water sports and being an obnoxious football fan, now torn between the Packers and the Jets.

This past spring I became even more enthused with public relations when I attended the Edelman Bootcamp seminar at the University of Georgia. Learning the new tactics of social media really reinforced my decision to obtain a degree in public relations.

This summer I was an intern at the CASA Ogeechee office where I gained a lot of experience and built a good portfolio including the charity’s new website, several publicity materials and the planning of a golf tournament.

I didn’t begin my college career at Georgia Southern University, I transferred here after completing my first two years of school at Georgia College & State University where I was majoring in broadcast journalism and was highly involved in the news station there as well as my sorority Zeta Tau Alpha.

I was able to not only work behind the scenes at the Milledgeville- Baldwin County (MBC News) station, but I also did field reporting and eventually worked my way up to an evening anchor. Along with MBC News I had the opportunity to be one of the five students chosen to report on the Apple Digital Leadership Institute (ADLI) in 2005 when Apple became partners with the GC&SU campus and held a weeklong conference that was podcasted on During this time I made some extra money for school doing car commercials at a local dealership Carey Paul Honda and got a some more on-camera experience.

In ZTA I served on the executive council, planned philanthropy events, organized rush parties and did the public relations work for my sorority. It was when I began doing P.R. that I knew it was what I wanted to do. I decided to transfer to GSU after my sophomore year because I wasn’t satisfied with my college experience at that institution and wanted to attend a larger school that offered a degree in public relations rather than broadcast journalism.

I was born in Tyler, Texas on September 26, 1985 and moved to Georgia at the age of three. As a young Texan both of my parents worked and I spent the majority or everyday with my “Papaw”, who was my mother’s dad. We were very close and I feel that my experiences with him have shaped who I am today.

In my earliest years of school my mother got me involved in modeling which afforded me the opportunities to live in New York City at the ages of six and twelve while I worked for the Ford Modeling Agency and built a large portfolio, but more importantly made money to put myself through college. I hope to return to NYC after college to attend graduate school.

I became very involved as a volunteer for the American Cancer Society (ACS) when I was eleven, and still advocate for the ACS today. As a senior in high school I was honored with winning the school’s pageant and was titled “Miss Brookwood High School” which opened many doors for me in my philanthropic journey with the ACS. I founded an organization called “Queens for a Cure” that was comprised with pageant title holder from surrounding communities and together the group raised over $75,000 for the ACS in the past four years. I was later honored in 2006 by winning the title of “Miss Georgia International” which enabled me to meet other state title holders from throughout the U.S. and share my cause. Since its first year in 2003, Queens for a Cure has grown not only throughout the state of Georgia, but across the nation, spreading awareness and encouraging community service in the lives of youth.

It is such an honor to know that a simple idea has impacted so many people the way it has, everyone is affected by cancer in some way, and because of that people are united in Queens for a Cure. Cancer took the lives of both of my grandfathers during my senior year of high school, one of which who took a big part in raising me, I believe that I am honoring them with my continuous work for the ACS, it is something I am very passionate about.

After graduation I will pursue a career with a nonprofit organization, and hopefully will land a job with the ACS as it is an organization that I feel very strong about supporting. Throughout the years I have formed relationships with the employees there and feel that it is a perfect fit for me. I will utilize my skills and degree in public relations to advocate for the ACS and make a difference in the fight against cancer through promotional efforts and the planning and executing of fundraisers. “Cancer affects us all and it will take us all to affect cancer.”


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