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Hello and Welcome!

Posted by lacied on October 6, 2008

Thank you for visiting my personal blog!


After graduation this past December I interviewed with the American  Cancer Society in Athens Georgia, and go the job!

I am so excited about my new life, and I LOVE my job as community manager for Greene, Morgan and Putnam Counties, (Lake Oconee Area).

Please join us in the fight against cancer!

Cancer affects us all; it will take us all to affect cancer!

Here you will find anything you need to know about me, Lacie D. In December I will be a COLLEGE GRADUATE! I am very excited about this huge accomplishment, yet really nervous about the job hunt that awaits me as soon as I move back home to Atlanta. Wish me lu23 in NYC 9/26/08ck!





On the main page writing samples and articles from my portfolio have been turned into blog posts and are available for your viewing enjoyment! 🙂

Please leave comments, let me know what you think!

A majority of these posts have all been published in the 11th Hour
arts and entertainment newsweekly in Statesboro, GA who I am currently doing freelance writing, I love it!

Keep checking for updates, new posts arrive daily!

Also available from my blog is a personal narrative, tips for creative design programs, and of course my resumé.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!


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Last Semester at GSU

Posted by lacied on September 17, 2008

my family and I during their visit to campus

my family and I during their visit to campus

Everyone needs their picture taken in the “GSU Bushes”!

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O.A.R. Comes to the ‘Boro

Posted by lacied on October 22, 2008

Just in time for Georgia Southern’s homecoming, O.A.R is stopping by on their ‘All Sides’ Tour with what is sure to be a rockin’ concert. Hailed as one of the best live bands on the planet, O.A.R. has built a fanatical following and a well deserved reputation as a must-see band when they come to town.

“Of a Revolution”(O.A.R.) was founded over a decade ago when a few 8th grade boys, bonding over their love for Pearl Jam, formed a band in Rockville, Maryland. Marc Roberge and Chris Culos along with Richard On and Benj Gershman then went on to graduate high school and attend Ohio State University where they found Jerry DePizzo, and the rest is history.

Now, 11 years after the group’s first release, O.A.R. has come to stand for authentic rock music that reflects the collective triumphs and tragedies we all experience in this world: Real people making real music that resounds deeply with their fans. Their ninth, and newest album “All Sides” hit stores in July, and the first single from the album “Shattered (Turn the Car Around)” has been a success on the Billboard (Top) 100 Charts, and one of their biggest hits to date.

Come out to the RAC Bandshell on Thursday November 6th. The show starts at 8pm, with opening acts Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights, you’re not going to want to miss this


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Dracula, Ballet with a Bite

Posted by lacied on October 22, 2008

“Stunning…” “Provacative…” “An extravaganza…”

Columbia City Ballet presents Dracula, Ballet with a Bite, and will be performing at Emma Kelly Theater on Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. This performance is sponsored by East Georgia Regional Hospital.

Columbia City Ballet’s mission is “to offer South Carolina and audiences in the Southeast the highest quality ballet and to provide dancers with only the best professional dance training. We in South Carolina can proudly claim one of the strongest and most versatile ballet companies in the region and in the country.” The Columbia City Ballet Company contains 32 dancers and 25 local Statesboro dancers also will be participating in the ballet. Critics have described the ballet as “some of the highest quality cultural entertainment in the Southeast.” The tickets are $18 for adults and $10 for youth 12 and under.

Dancers will get to work with professional dancers and director of Columbia City Ballet, to learn and improve techniques during the Dracula Ballet Master Class on Friday, October 24, 2008 from 4:00pm – 5:30pm. There is no cost for dancers who are in the Dracula performance, all others who wish to participate will be charged $15.00.

In honor of Dracula, many talented chefs in Statesboro will be in the Main Gallery of the Averitt Center for the Arts for “Bites of the Boro” on the same night. Come taste these sweet specialties for only $5 from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. in the Main Gallery. This is a great chance to come and enjoy a sample of the cuisine from the best chefs in the Boro!

For more information on Dracula, Ballet with a Bite please visit the website at Tickets for the ballet can be purchased by calling 912-212-2787, or by visiting the box office located in the lobby of the Emma Kelly Theater. The box office is open Tues.-Fri. from 1-5:30 p.m. This program is supported in part by the Georgia Council for the Arts through appropriations from Georgia General Assembly. The Council is a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Nike + iPod: Hear How You Run

Posted by lacied on October 13, 2008

A new school year is upon us all and no matter if you’re a student, a parent of a student or neither almost everyone changes around their daily summer routines into a more structured schedule this time of year.

Perhaps you held on tight you your New Year’s resolutions to get ready for bathing suit season, but eventually let go of those daily work outs or diet plans. Now’s the time to get back in shape, and there is a new gadget on the market that can change the way you look at running.

Nike has joined forces with iPod to bring you the coolest tool in running since the Walkman! Now not only can you strap your iPod onto your arm and listen to all your favorite workout tunes, you can also tune into your workout progress, just by adding a simple device to the bottom of you iPod along with the Nike sensor in your left shoe. Not all Nike shoes are the compatible Nike+ edition but this program can still be used with the Nike+ SportBand. It will set you back around$30 but it will change your life. Both the iPod and SportBand can be ordered online at or found at large electronic sores and some large athletic apparel chains.

Even further, when you plug you iPod into your computer to charge it or sync it your workout appears as a part of iTunes displaying your distance, pace, calories and information about your past workouts as well, quite the pedometer. This is only half of why Nike+iPod can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Once synced up to your computer you are then given the option to load your workout information onto to show your achievements to the rest of the running community, worldwide. Every owner of the Nike+iPod is able to create a profile on this website and compete in challenges, events, training and setting and reaching personal goals. Everything you do when wearing your Nike+iPod is conveniently stored on your profile and when you make accomplishments you are rewarded. For completing a goal an icon appears on your trophies menu of a medal, for completing an event a runner’s bib, win a challenge and receive a trophy and when you reach a milestone such as reaching a total of 100 miles total you are rewarded with a certificate you can print off and put on the fridge!

Sure it’s hot here in Statesboro, but the self-fulfillment you can attain from seeing your results mapped out for you right there on your computer screen is addictive. If you’re serious about getting in shape this will do the trick. If you have never been a runner start by walking and ease into it. No matter how fast the sensor will track your distance and keep you motivated. Not only will you look forward to running or walking and seeing your results, most people become competitive with others through the website and never skip a day of running.

Because you are able to join challenges already created by members you can search for personal interests, such as people who run with their dogs. There are several challenges among dog-lovers who race for the most miles sometimes individually, or by breed. Other popular challenges are men v. women, rival colleges, drinkers v. non-drinkers, old v. young and even fans of different sports teams against one another. Once you join a challenge you will be competing with people from all over the world, and you definitely won’t want to be the loser!

If none of the challenges suit your fancy you can create your own! Decide on the time limit, requirements of people to join and a creative name and you’re in business. What’s fun is inviting people you know to join your challenge, which is sure to get you running. If you didn’t want to lose to that lady in France you surely won’t want to lose to your annoyingly fit co-worker that just joined the challenge you created.

The world’s largest running event happens this month, the Nike+iPod Human Race 10k is on Sunday August 31st. and is open to anyone, anywhere. Nike is hosting race events in 25 cities around the world, but by logging into, every city and every road can become a race-day course. Just by registering for the race with you can simply run from home, the gym park or track using the Nike+ iPod or Nike+ SportBand, then log you workout online and contribute to the global mileage occurring simultaneously that day.

So what are you waiting for, if you have given up on working out and just can’t seem to find the motivation, here it is waiting for you to get going. It’s time to join the Human Race and make history in the world of running. Life is short so get running and stay in the lead!


August 2008

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Hall of Foam

Posted by lacied on October 6, 2008

There’s a new club in town, and just about everyone is joining it. You may not want to put this one your resume, but looking into it is definitely worth your time.

The Jaman Caribbean Café’s Beer Club is the hot new craze in Statesboro this summer. Since it started in May, over 500 people have joined in on the fun, and broadened their beer drinking horizons.

“It’s like being in a fraternity, only better!” said Beer Club member and GSU student Remington Steele; he joined the club in May when he saw a table near him with membership cards.

Remington and several of his friends meet at Jaman for “Beer Club Meetings” in which they discuss the various beers they have had and work on checking beers off their lists.

“Once my friends told me about the ‘Club’, I joined the next day. It’s the best thing ever! We all go at least once a week now, it’s a great summer tradition” said Kevin Prisant, another member to the Jaman Beer Club.

Membership is free, just ask your waitress and she will hook you up. Every member has their own oversized index card with 99 different high-quality beers listed on it. All you have to do is put your name on top of the card and get signed off for every beer on the list you try. Once you have tried them all, you’ll “Get Your Name on the Wall at Jaman!” as a member of the “Hall of Foam”.

While at Jaman, it was obvious who was in the club, at nearly half of the tables were people with their cards searching through menus and discussing what beer to try.

“I used to only drink ‘Natty Light’, and my older brothers would give me a hard time about not knowing anything about imported beers. Now I know thanks to the club” said Paul Groeninger, a recent GSU graduate. “If you come during happy hour you can try some pretty nice beer, and they’re all reasonably priced” he said.

Not a beer drinker? You might be and just not know it. The list has everything from light lagers to stouts, and the menu is full of information in case you’re a beginner to beer and need some help getting started. The wait staff is also very knowledgeable on the entire menu and is always helpful in making recommendations.

“It’s not just about who can drink the most beer; the idea of the club is to educate people on all the different kinds of good quality beer. People should enjoy their experience when they have a beer, not just drink it to get drunk” said the owner of Jaman, Chef Steven Minton, most people fondly call him “Chef”.

He came up with the idea to form the beer club in Statesboro after it was a hit at is Caribbean Café in North Carolina. It did so well in fact, that he became known for his beer list, no one else served the selection he offered.

“I was surprised that no one else in Statesboro served a wide selection of imports or microbrews” Chef said, the Beer Club helps to introduce those beer to people who usually only drink domestics.

His fame in North Carolina didn’t just come from the beer list his restaurant served; it also came from his knowledge about the beers, and his ability to pair them with food on the menu.

“Beer is bread, with more water” said Chef. “Just like you eat bread with most meals, you can have a beer”. He has taught seminars and other chef about pairing beer and food, and says it goes with anything, unlike wine. He is renowned in the industry for his skill in ‘pairing’, and hopes that the “Beer Club” members will take advantage of his knowledge.

On the Jaman beer menu you will find a detailed listing of each available brew, along with the alcohol content, description of flavor, where it is from and what meal it can be paired with, making membership in the beer club a little easier on beginners.

So what are you waiting for, go join the Jaman Beer Club, everyone’s doing it.






May 2008

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“Slow Down. Change Lanes. Save Lives.”

Posted by lacied on October 6, 2008

Move Over! It’s the law, it saves lives, and it’s common sense.

Local law enforcement is cracking down careless motorists who fail to follow Georgia’s Move-Over Law.

If you haven’t ever heard of this law before, it really is just common sense. It requires drivers to move-over one lane when possible if an emergency vehicle with flashing lights is parked on the shoulder of the highway, if traffic is too heavy to move-over safely, the law requires drivers to slow down below the posted speed limit instead AND to be prepared to stop.

Pretty simple, right? Unfortunately; failure to comply with the Move-Over Law will get you slapped with a $500 fine.

This law isn’t a new one; Georgia’s Move-Over Law was passed in 2003 due to the growing numbers of police, emergency technicians and DOT workers being killed during routine traffic stops, crash responses and highway construction projects around the nation.

Without nationwide Move-Over Laws, more than 150 law enforcement officers have been struck and killed by vehicles along America’s highways since 1997. This deadly decade demonstrates that each time an officer makes a traffic stop it’s one of the gravest dangers police can face on the road today.

Local Statesboro Police Officer Patrick Harrelson knows all too well about these near-death experiences. “More than once I have been hit by car mirrors and my hat has been blown off” he said.

Almost every time he steps out of his car to check a driver’s license, someone is in violation of not moving over. “Did you know that n 2007 the leading cause of police officer deaths were traffic-related (incidents) rather than gunfire?”Officer Harrelson said.

You may be wondering, “How can I get a ticket for not moving-over if a cop is already writing a ticket for someone else?”Well, to enforce the law further traffic enforcement units are now routinely patrolling in pairs to ensure their safety. While one officer is working traffic enforcement, a second officer cites drivers who fail to move-over or slow down, and writes them a hefty $500 fine, yikes!

Taking your ticket to court won’t get the fine dropped. Courts refuse to dismiss tickets for drivers just because they weren’t aware of the law. The $500 fine is the minimum amount to be charged; quite an expensive lesson to learn, and do you really have $500 lying around to spare? Now you know, just move over!

All you have to remember is common sense when you’re behind the wheel avoid the chance of causing injury or death to those serving us every day. They ensure our safety, so we should do our part and keep them safe too.

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Posted by lacied on October 6, 2008

Come summertime, most students at GSU are comfortably settled in their places of living, taking summer classes, taking it easy, or venturing off to other places, not worried about moving for fall semester. It isn’t until about the last few weeks of July that those carefree summer days come to a sudden halt. It is all of a sudden time to move out, but then what? Thus the scramble begins.

Many students living in rented housing or apartments are forced to move out of their “homes” before they are able to move into a new place, and left homeless for the rest of the summer. This situation occurs every summer and affects a majority of the students living in Statesboro.

Although many people who can’t move into their new places are able to sleep on the couch at a friend’s house, go home or go on vacation for a few weeks, there is still a lot of stuff to put in storage, or lug around while waiting for August and the highly anticipated move in dates to arrive.

This leaves students thinking… “What in the world can I do with a bed, bedroom furniture, couches, televisions, computers and all my junk for that long?” It won’t all fit in a suitcase, and it can’t squeeze into one car.

The most popular choice for solving the “stuff” issue is renting a U-Haul truck, a POD or any other storage unit to house belongings while in limbo. This can be expensive, especially for students who support themselves on a tight budget.

” I have lived in the same house for three years now, not only will I be sad when I have to move out in July, but I have no place to move into right away” Ashley Brown a student at GSU said, and she is not alone.

A majority of students facing this dilemma have nowhere to turn once they are booted out of the house or apartment they adored for a year or more, and storing their stuff is only one of their

Bohemians pass their summer days reading the 11th Hour

worries. They have no place to stay at all until they can move into their new lease.

This leaves them with only one choice… Bohemia

Bohemia is difficult to define; generally participants (bohemians) include writers, artists, students and youth, who voluntarily live as vagrants and all contribute to the feelings and ideas of bohemian lifestyle. Bohemians live a life free from conventional rules and social norms and obligations.

“I literally have nowhere to live from July 25th until August 4th, all of my friends will be homeless by then too!” said Bekah Ploener, a senior at GSU. “The idea of becoming Bohemians for a few weeks sounds fun and adventurous, but seriously it may be my only choice” she said.

In years past Ploener experienced difficulties during the moving process in Julyand August, so this year she wants to be very careful not to move out late or in too early.

“In 2006, one of my roommates was already living in the apartment to I went ahead and moved some of my stuff into my room, when I came back one afternoon it was all gone” Ploener said.

The cleaning crew at the apartment complex had cleaned out her apartment

and thrown away thousands of dollars worth of her things including brand new equestrian clothing. She was later reimbursed for the miscommunications with a $200 check.

“That check was hardly enough to cover the losses I had to get all new clothes, shoes and linens, everything. My parents were outraged that my new riding boots were gone, I hadn’t even worn them yet” said Ploener.

These policies were not created to put students on the street during the hottest weeks of the summer. Students are valued assets to the rental businesses of this college town. There are legitimate reasons for the early move out dates. After students move out, their rooms must be cleaned and damages must be assessed and accounted for before new tenants can move in. This process currently takes a few weeks to complete; the argument is that it shouldn’t take more than a few days. Some places are more flexible than others in their moving policies but the majority of students left homeless are also left with no where for them or their stuff to go.

The Bohemian lifestyle is always something to contemplate. Living on the streets in Statesboro with all of your belongings at your feet and no guaranteed place to shower or use the restroom can’t be too bad. There is no rent to pay, and no one to tell you when to move out. Forget renting a U-Haul truck for two weeks, you don’t need a POD, and your friend who said you could store all your stuff at their place probably will have second thoughts. Until students can come together and get something done about the inconvenient move in/move out policies there’s only one thing to do…”Viva La Vie Boheme!”

July, 2008

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Discover West Main Art Gallery & Studios

Posted by lacied on October 6, 2008

Located in historic downtown Statesboro is the eclectic West Main Art Gallery & Studios. A variety of art including original oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, jewelry, photography, pottery, and woodturning is amongst the many talents on display. The majority of the impressive works are also available for purchase in the gallery at quite affordable prices.

This co-op of local artists is owned and operated by five artists who came together when doing art shows at the Averitt Center for the Arts. Debbie Bailey, Sherri Hauser, Lesley Manning, and Michele and Bill Stephens came together in 2005 for their first Christmas show

“I started making jewelry as a hobby when my son went off to Bootcamp”, said Sherri Hauser. She eventually had made so many pieces she couldn’t wear them all. When she was given the opportunity to display her work at the Averitt Arts Center Christmas show she jumped at the chance.

They enjoyed being in the show so much, and had such a successful experience that they decided to have a second show during the holidays in 2006.

It was after that second show that the group really realized that they should go forward with their talents. “We were all sitting around talking about how it would be so great if we could have a gallery or studio set up year round to display our art, and I think Tim Chapman must have overheard us, because not long after that he approached us with his idea .” said Debbie Bailey.

Tim Chapman , Director of the Averitt Art Center, was so pleased with the success of their shows their shows that he encouraged them to open their own gallery downtown. In early 2007, Tim Chapman called and asked if they would be interested in opening a store front on West Main Street, he knew of a store at this great location that was available.

The artists met with Tim and the building owner, John Edwards, and toured the building, mixed emotions about the available space made the decision tough, but there was much potential for the store.

“The first thing we saw were lime green and fluorescent pink walls, a ceiling which was partially falling in, dirty red carpet on the floor and we won’t even discuss the bathroom” said Lesley Manning, a talented painter and specialist in stained glass.

The reactions from each individual artist were as varied as their talents. Some were skeptical of the run down building while others envisioned the beautiful gallery that it would become, but everyone knew the amount of work that was required to bring the building to life.

“I knew that brick had to be hiding behind those colorful walls, and once we pulled off the sheetrock, we found the brick, hooray!” said Bailey.

“After three months of renovation, the building was a completely different space, changed for the better” said Manning. Brick walls, track lighting along the top of the walls and crisp elegant wood floors created a space perfect for displaying their many talents.

Currently the art gallery is hosting their first art display, the Juried Photography Exhibition that will benefit the Raven Oaks Raptor Sanctuary. This wildlife themed show accepted entries o all ages in September, and is currently in the voting process to determine who will win the ‘Viewers’ Choice Award’. ‘Best in Show’ was awarded to E.A. Sosbe for her photograph, “When Sea Turtles Dream”. The ‘Gallery Choice Award’ was given to Mary M. Jones for her photograph, “Pine Pieces”. Don’t miss out on this exciting event t the gallery and stop by and cast your vote this month to help determine who will win the final award.

The next presentation of the West Main Art Gallery and Studios will take place next month. From November 7th through the 30th, The Folk School Invitational with be on display with 30 potters and 30 teachers from the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC who will proudly exhibit their talents in pottery, you won’t want to miss it. For more information contact Michele Stephens at 764-2203.

The future of the Art Gallery is looking bright, in less than a month the gallery will expand to twice its size as it is currently renovating the building next door. The new space will allow the gallery to spread out; future shows and exhibitions will be held in the new space as well as classes that will be offered by the artists themselves.

The gallery plans to offer these classes in an assortment of art forms including stained glass, silver and goldsmith-ing, woodturning, pottery, drawing, beading and hand painted photography. Debbie Bailey is currently offering to teach her handinting skill and is holding a class on Saturday October 18 that is open to the public. For more information contact Debbie at 682-7130.

To fund the growth of the classes, and to offer some of them them free of charge the gallery has applied for a grant from the Grassroots Arts Program, and is looking forward to growing the studio and gallery as well as its impact on the community.

Strolling through the streets of downtown Statesboro is perfect for any occasion, and with shops and restaurants and places like the West Main Art Galley and Studios, it is something you will want to make part of your weekly routine. Plentiful parking can be found close to the studio, and the surroundings in the town are a breath of fresh air. Be sure to stop in to the gallery on your next visit downtown, there is something for everyone to enjoy and you might just discover your hidden talents at West main Art Gallery and Studios.

Painting by Lesley Manning

Painting by Lesley Manning

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Posted by lacied on October 2, 2008


“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”
Special Olympics Oath

This October 3-5 over 2,000 Special Olympics athletes will travel to Statesboro from all-over Georgia to “Soar with the Eagles” and participate in the 2008 State Fall Games.

“Statesboro completed a bid to compete against many other cities larger in size including Columbus, Albany, Savannah and more to become the new home for the State Fall Games, because of the hospitality of the Statesboro community and high quality of facilities available in Bulloch County, like Mill Creek Regional Park and Forest Heights Country Club’s prestigious golf course” said Jamie Riggs of the Statesboro Visitor’s Bureau.

For the next 3 years, Statesboro will host this heartfelt community effort to show the world that every person counts and that every person can be something good when we work together.

“We are excited about the Special Olympics of Georgia (SOGA) Fall Games being hosted at Mill Creek Regional Park. Not only will this be a chance to highlight our facilities as a park, but a chance to highlight what a beautiful and giving city Statesboro has become” said Broni Gainous of Mill Creek Park.

Another important factor that led Statesboro to be chosen as the new host for the games is because the majority of the sports played in Fall Games can all be located in one location verses miles apart. “This allows agencies with athletes playing different sports to stay in one location vs. having to transport chaperones and competitors across town” Riggs said.

The entire town is coming together in collaboration to support the games, Statesboro and Bulloch County’s businesses, organizations and private citizens have joined forces to sponsor and host all of the events.

The presenting sponsor for this year’s Fall Games is Sea Island Bank. Volunteers from First Baptist Church of Statesboro and many more private organizations have come together to make this event come to life. “Even the meals for all of the 2000 plus athletes have been donated by local merchants!” said Riggs.

Other sponsors include Ogeechee Technical College, Statesboro Convention & Visitors Bureau, East Georgia Regional Medical Center, Farmers and Merchants Bank, Georgia Power, the Statesboro Hotel Manager’s Association, Citizens Bank, Best Friends Animal Hospital and Gateway Animal Hospital, First Southern National Bank, the Homebuilders Association is sponsoring the Olympic Town.

“We are all diligently preparing for October 3-5 with regards to obtaining volunteers, working closely with SOGA in their needs, and of course, preparing the park so that it will be a welcome venue for these games” said Gainous.

The Fall Games differ from Summer and Winter Special Olympics Games in that they consist of five sports that are not played in any other state competition. Softball, bocce, golf, cycling, and various long distance running and walking competitions are among the events that will bring these inspiring athletes together in the engaging and enriching challenges.

The goal of Special Olympics Georgia (SOGA) is to bring people with intellectual disabilities together through encouraging and helping them to develop athletic skills. By promoting their abilities both on and off the field, SOGA athletes gain skills for employment, learn independent living skills, form relationships and help others understand their extraordinary capabilities despite health issues they experience daily. When Special Olympics athletes succeed, attitudes change, communities develop and the eyes of the world are focused on all that is good and hopeful and positive.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver established the Special Olympics in 1962 after holding day camps at her home for intellectually challenged individuals. She began promoting the importance of engaging people with intellectual disabilities and allowing them opportunities for competition. The first International Special Olympics we held in 1968 at the Chicago Park District. Funded by the Kennedy Foundation, the first Games paved the way for a dynamic future in the lives of intellectually challenged individuals and their families.

In 1988, the Special Olympics were acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee as the only other sports organization authorized to use the name “Olympics” in its title. The “Special Olympics Sport and Empowerment Act,” was passed unanimously in 2004 approving funding for worldwide expansion of the program.

Today, more than 2.5 million athletes of all ages are involved in Special Olympics sports training and competition in more than 180 countries. In Georgia, 22,797 athletes are given the opportunity to participate in the games. Some of these courageous athletes live right here in Statesboro, and 20 of them will proudly be representing us at the games next month.

“Sean Smith is one of our most famous athletes in Bulloch County who is not only a great softball competitor but a wonderful singer” said Riggs. He will be performing the National Anthem at the opening ceremonies on Oct. 3 at 7:30 pm.

This priceless opportunity to make a difference in the lives of such admirable individuals will begin on Friday October 3rd and conclude on Sunday the 5th. Sporting events include: golf and golf skills, bocce, cycling, softball/softball Skills, long distance walking, running and field events. “With the exception of golf, (which will be held at Forest Heights Country Club) all of the activities will be held at Mill Creek Regional Park during these games. This is something that other places have not been able to provide and I think this is one of the main reasons that Statesboro was chosen for the games” Gainous said. Mill Creek Regional Park has 12 baseball/softball fields, 4 football/soccer fields and 1 multipurpose field. There is a 1.25 mile walking trail, 2 playgrounds, over 900 parking spaces and plenty of restroom facilities.

All the events are free and open to the public, so plan to bring the whole family to come out and support the athletes. “Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”


Friday, October 3, 2008

11:30 am – 5:00 pm Team Softball, Mill Creek Regional Park

11:30 am – 5:00 pm Bocce, Mill Creek Regional Park

7:30 pm – 8:30 pm Opening Ceremony, Mill Creek Regional Park (Field 2)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

8:00 am – 8:00 pm Team Softball, Mill Creek Regional Park

8:00 am – 2:00 pm Softball Skills, Mill Creek Regional Park

8:00 am – 8:30 pm Bocce, Mill Creek Regional Park

8:00 am – 11:00 am Golf Skills, Forest Heights Country Club

9:00 am – 2:00 pm Long Distance Run/Walk, Mill Creek Regional Park

9:00 am – 2:00 pm Cycling, Mill Creek Regional Park

10:00 am – 4:00 pm Olympic Town, Mill Creek Regional Park

1:00 pm – 6:00 pm Golf Individual and Team Play, Forrest Heights CC

8:30 pm – 10:00 pm Athlete Victory Dance, Mill Creek Regional Park

Sunday, October 5, 2008

8:00 am – 1:00 pm Team Softball, Mill Creek Regional Park

8:00 am – 1:00 pm Bocce, Mill Creek Regional Park

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